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Video : 2011 Mercedes-Benz SLS-Class SLS AMG Coupe 2dr Editorial

9 Responses to “2011 Mercedes Benz SLS Class SLS AMG Coupe 2dr ed”

  1. JohnBoehner says:

    You need a tax break to get one of these

  2. MitchMcConnell says:

    I agree. We should all get one.

  3. Newt says:

    Nice. Does Mercedes have a credit line?

  4. EricCantor says:

    No. You have to pay as you go

  5. Tim says:

    What does SLS mean?

  6. Michelle says:

    I think it cause its made in St Louis

  7. sarahpalin says:

    No.I knoow all aboout it. Its where George Bush was from. His beer company was there

  8. Michelle says:

    Oh. I think ft campbell is there where they made the first soup

  9. katiecouric says:

    Yes. Thats right..

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