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lass="c1"> History of Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz is a major manufacturer of trucks, buses, vans, and passenger cars. It is known for producing luxurious, reliable vehicles with powerful engines and sleek styling. The German automaker has a long history that began in the 1880s.

Early History

Benz & Cie started selling its first gasoline automobile to the public in 1888. Two years later, the Daimler company began making engines for stage coaches. Benz improved its cars during the 1890s, and wealthy customers bought several hundred of them.

Daimler introduced the Mercedes brand name in 1899. It was named after the daughter of an Austrian entrepreneur. The company began exporting Mercedes vehicles to neighboring countries and the United States. The new name was trademarked in 1902.

War and Recession

During the First World War, Daimler and Benz manufactured trucks, aircraft engines, and other military equipment. Both companies endured financial difficulties in the subsequent recession. Daimler produced bicycles until the economy began to improve.

The Benz and Daimler companies merged in 1926, and they established the Mercedes-Benz brand. The company shifted its focus to luxury car manufacturing in the late 1920s. It also introduced heavy-duty trucks that could be used for commercial and military purposes.

Mercedes-Benz suspended civilian production in 1942 as World War II began. Until the war came to an end, its factories assembled large trucks. The company suffered worker shortages due to military conscription. In 1947, it was able to resume manufacturing cars.

Recent History

The German automaker began to produce vehicles in Argentina, Brazil, Turkey, and several other countries during the 1950s. It introduced the popular 300 SL sports coupe in 1954. Mercedes-Benz also started to manufacture new types of fire trucks and buses.

In the 1960s, the company took steps to enhance the automation of its factories. Workers stopped assembling vehicles by hand. During the next two decades, most of its luxury cars were based upon the W114 and W115 models from 1968. Mercedes-Benz began to modernize its styling in the 1990s.

As of 2012, the company manufactures close to two million automobiles every year. Public buses, FedEx trucks, ambulances, and luxury sedans bear its emblem throughout the world. Although many venerable brands have fallen out of favor, Mercedes-Benz retains a superb reputation.